About us


Bukhosi Consulting and Projects is a consulting firm that fosters individual and organisational growth through its programmes that are designed to provide solutions to today's dynamic socio economic environment. The firm is made up of consultants who are professionals in various aspects of the business environment. Bukhosi Consulting and its consultants have developed a track record of success in the field of organization effectiveness and leadership development in Africa.
Bukhosi Consulting is a service and market-oriented institution offering high level specialized management training and development programmes, consultancy and action-oriented management research services. Our target clients are government, NGOs, parastatals and private sector in the whole of African region

Mission Statement

To provide appropriate and relevant development and empowerment services to the private, public and community based sectors, empowering and “working on the workforce” to boost productivity.


To become a leading and trusted consultancy in training and project development, management and staff development services through the provision of quality and relevant consulting and empowerment services